Help me get ready to read

The Practical Guide For Reading Aloud To Children During Their First Five Years

Book Brigades -Volunteer to Read Aloud in Your Community

 Help Me Get Ready To Read Book Brigades

Take part in an exciting new service opportunity to help young children get ready to read. Organize a local Help Me Get Ready To Read Book Brigade by gathering volunteers to plan and run read-aloud times in your community.

Volunteers use Help Me Get Ready To Read as a training manual. It provides early literacy fundamentals and book-related activities to do during read-aloud sessions. The six featured books in Help Me Get Ready To Read can be borrowed from public libraries, or purchased in bookstores or online by clicking on the links on our Book Basket page.

 Book Brigade members come from diverse groups, such as:

  • high school students;
  • college students;
  • baby boomers including grandparents and retirees;
  • religious and civic organizations;
  • neighborhood book groups; and
  • local businesses and corporations sponsoring community days.

Book Brigade volunteers contact local preschools, children’s hospitals, pediatricians’ offices, homeless shelters, daycare and early learning centers, and after-school programs to plan regularly scheduled read-aloud sessions. Book Brigade volunteers meet monthly to exchange ideas and share read-aloud experiences.