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The Practical Guide For Reading Aloud To Children During Their First Five Years


"I want to read this book to you because -
        I care about you and I value our time together."

When you read aloud to children you are fostering their self-esteem by creating a nurturing environment and being a positive role model.    

Create a Nurturing Environment by:

  • giving your child positive feedback
  • considering your child's age and stage of development, interests, and attention span
  • turning off the TV
  • not answering the phone
  • connecting things that happen in books to your child's real-life experiences
  • asking your child to read books to you
  • connecting books that you have read together by pointing out similarities and differences

Be a Positive Role Model by:

  • telling your child how much you enjoy reading books together
  • giving books as gifts to your child and others on special occasions
  • laughing with your child when reading silly books
  • choosing and reading books of your own
  • handling books with care
  • being patient and focused while reading aloud with your child
  • looking for opportunities to learn new things

Establish read-aloud routines by:

  • setting up reading times such as at nap or bedtime, or story hour
  • finding a quiet reading place such as a bed, chair, or reading corner
  • placing books in a basket or on a shelf to make them accessible to your child
  • encouraging your child to select books to read aloud together
  • avoiding reading scary books at bedtime
  • bringing favorite books along when you go away from home
  • arranging library visits as a regular activity
  • exchanging books with other families